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Oct 12, 2011

On display at Alfred Perry’s Medina, Ohio head-shaving event was something you don’t always see at a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser; hand-made dolls created in memory of St. Baldrick’s Honored Kid, Katherine M. Katherine was a compassionate and talented 11-year-old who was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma, and after a 15 month long battle, passed away at age 12. To celebrate her memory, Jan Householder, founder of The Giving Doll, created one of a kind bald princess dolls adorned with the name of each shavee participating at that day’s event. Jan attended the event and presented a heartfelt story to the more than 25 shavees in attendance, along with Katherine’s mother, about her relationship with Katherine and how this young girl inspired The Giving Doll project - bringing the audience to tears.

St. BaldricksThe Giving Doll was founded by Jan in March 2006 when Katherine was diagnosed with cancer and became a patient at St. Jude's Children Research Hospital. Handmade cloth dolls were created by volunteers that accompanied Katherine to her hospital treatment visits. From there the program took off and expanded to include children from various places, all in need of something that would bring them joy, love and comfort.

The unique bald dolls made especially for Alfred’s event are now en route to the Foundation where the staff will find happy homes for each one of them with St. Baldrick’s Honored Families!

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